Applies word embeddings from a given decontextualized static space (such as from Latent Semantic Analyses) to all character variables

textEmbedStatic(df, space, tk_df = "null", aggregate = "mean")



dataframe that at least contains one character column.


decontextualized/static space (from textSpace, which is not included in the current text package).


default "null"; option to use either the "tk" of "df" space (if using textSpace, which has not been implemented yet).


method to aggregate semantic representation when their are more than a single word. (default is "mean"; see also "min" and "max", "concatenate" and "normalize")


A list with tibbles for each character variable. Each tibble comprises a column with the text, followed by columns representing the semantic representations of the text. The tibbles are called the same as the original variable.

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